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Your Common Questions

All You Need to Know

Where do you source replacement parts?

We receive our supplies, and repair materials from wholesalers here in the U.S.  They receive them from various manufacturers around the world, and we always try to find the best products to sell and repair with.

How long does your repair service take?

Our goal for having items ready that are brought in for repair is two weeks.  However, more importantly, for us is quality.  We would rather have your item a bit longer and return it to you in excellent condition than re-do the job in a week because we rushed the work and something was missed.  Basically quality first.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash.  We will gladly honor your personal check, provided it is drawn from a local bank.  If you are a business, we will be happy to set up a charge account with the typical 30-day net terms.

Can I send you my shoes instead of bringing them in?

Yes!  Click on the "mail-in" page, print it out, and send it in with your shoes.  They should be in a sturdy box, taped securely.  Please include your return address as well as a working phone number where you can be reached.  After receiving your items, we will call you or email you with the cost to repair your item(s).  Please be prepared to provide a credit card number to pay for your repair at that time.  There will be a shipping charge added to cover the cost of returning your items.

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